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NARPM® PAC raises over $20,000 at Broker Owner

The NARPM Political Action Committee (NARPM® PAC) successfully raised over $20,000 during their first silent auction at the Broker Owner Retreat last April. The retreat was held in Las Vegas and garnered hundreds of attendees. The Silent Auction Committee solicited donations from members and associate members during the event. Attendees at Broker Owner were able to bid on items such as consultation time with industry leaders, vacation rentals, educational software and other items. Proceeds to the PAC will be used to help out federal candidates who support the property management industry. Congratulations to the silent auction committee: Theresa Mull - GA Jaime Caballero - FL Claire Schwartz - FL Kristi Malcom - GA Rocky Germano - CO Amanda Frazier - HI NARPM® PAC is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated group registered with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Its goal is to help create a favorable Residential Property Management business climate by electing candidates who demonstrate support for the preservation of property rights and residential property management.